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Mobile bike repair

Portland, OR, 97212


We are a mobile bike shop where you need it, when you need it.

Because we understand that you depend on your bike for your daily life and leaving your bike to get serviced is a hassle.  

We set up shop, so that you can get your bike serviced while you work. We are happy to come to wherever it is most convenient for you!

Skip the trip to the shop and bring us to you!




 Workplace Service

We  help Portland employers encourage cycling to work.

Forward thinking employers that enjoy our services


Providing an on-site mechanic is an incredible  benefit for your bike commuting employees.  It saves them a ton of time and hassle shlepping their bike to the shop and back for repairs. Plus providing our services to your staff promotes a lifestyle that is better for  employee health, productivity and ultimately your bottom line.  

Host a free safety check day for your staff today! 

Try us out for free and ensure your bike commuting staff is rolling smoothly and safely. Your staff will love it! All we need is a 8x10 ft location, time to do the work, and a staff member to get the word out. You'll get an on-site professional mechanic, vetted by our rigorous testing process, with a bike shop on wheels to provide expert advice and adjustments. 

  • FREE to your company

  • Staff members can choose to purchase more services or parts individually if they feel their bike needs more care. We carry most wear parts, chains, tubes, cables and brake pads.

Full Service Employer Program

Go the extra mile and offer sponsored tune-ups for your staff. 

If you would like to provide an incentive for commuters to  ride to work, we offer discounted tune-up rates purchased by your organization. 

 You'll get an on-site friendly and professional mechanic, vetted by our rigorous testing process , with a bike shop on wheels to provide expert advice and adjustments. We'll work with you to build the best service program  based on your workplace size, and number of commuters.  

Left Coast Tune-Up
80.00 100.00

Provide a safe and smooth ride. 

  • Check/adjust all bearings, (hubs, bottom bracket, headset)
  • Adjust derailleurs F & R
  • Adjust brakes F & R
  • Inspect drivetrain (chain, gears) for wear
  • Lightly clean and  lubricate drivetrain
  • Check bolts (rack , fender, water bottles)
  • Inspect tires and inflate 
  • Wipe down of bike
  • Basic wheel true F & R
  • Test ride
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 
Left Coast Premium Tune-Up
175.00 200.00

Upgrade for an ultra clean & crisp ride

A Left Coast Tune-Up :


  • Detailed clean of chain, derailleurs, gears, & polish of frame
  • Install new cables and housing 
  • Major wheel true F & R check dish and round & thorough cleaning
  • Grease pedal threads, seat post and stem
  • Clean and install new grease in hubs