Left Coast Bicycles, mobile bike repair

Your bike serviced, while you work!

We are a mobile bike shop where you need it, when you need it.

Because we understand that you depend on your bike for your daily life and leaving your bike to get serviced is a hassle.  

We set up shop, so that you can get your bike serviced while you work. We are happy to come to wherever it is most convenient for you!

Skip the trip to the shop and bring us to you!




At Left Coast Bicycles we help promote the bicycle lifestyle by providing the highest quality bicycle service at all Portland Metro workplaces. 

Portland boasts one of the highest bike commute rates in the country thanks to  great infrastructure and incentives for riding to work.  When you rely on your bike for day to day transport, leaving it at the shop is a pain.

We help busy people ride their bike to work and back and avoid the hassle of dropping it off at the shop after a busy day. 

We'll get you on your way, by the end of the day!

Qualified, Personable Mechanics

Our mechanics are the best in the region with over 20 years of combined experience in bicycle shops and experience working on just about every shape and size of bike out there.

For us it's about building a relationship of trust, not making a buck. We offer friendly, honest service, don't use pressure sales  and only perform the work after your approval. 

Free Estimates

All estimate are free and we source all parts needed while you work! No need to visit a shop. 


We are all about saving you time. Simply select a time that works for you and during a 5 minute break, we'll let you know what your bike needs and get you on your way, by the end of the day.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We take pride in providing the best quality of service available. If something isn't right, we will make it right.

Guaranteed to have a ride home

We guarantee to never leave you without your bike to get home. If in the unlikely event your bike is not completed in time for your commute home, we'll personally arrange and cover a lift home for you. 

Streamlined for the Entire office

Likely others in your office will be interested as well. We take care of the scheduling and coordinating a visit via email so everyone in the office can benefit and doesn't take you or your employees valuable time to coordinate a visit.


Rest assured, we're insured.

100% bike powered

We pedal to work with you

Trusted  Throughout Portland  

Our growing community includes:

  • SERA Architects
  • Redside Construction
  • Holst Architects
  • Daimler Trucks
  • Cadmus Group
  • Travel Oregon
  • Alta Planning
  • North St. Bags
  • Kahn & Kahn Attorneys
  • Weiden and Kennedy
  • Moda Health


Left Coast Office Visit: FREE

All that's needed is a good location at the office,  a scheduled date , and an employee to forward and email sign-up to staff 1 week ahead of time. 

  • Staff covers repairs individually. 
  • Great option for any time of year whenever there is a need for repair. 
  • FREE to the company. 
  • Staff get their bikes serviced with 1 click and 5 minutes out of their day
  • We take care of scheduling and coordinating a visit via email sign up so it doesn't take your staff time.
  • It's easy. All that's need from you is a forwarded email and a site to do the work. We'll do the rest.
  • We can set up nearly anywhere, a conference room, vacant office or bike room. We cover the floors if on a damageable surface and always leave the space better than we found it

LEft Coast Employee Benefit Day: $500

Do you want to encourage more people to ride to your company? 

Hire a mechanic for your staff

Show your staff you really care about their well-being and appreciate the benefits of cycling for their community and the workplace by providing a qualified mechanic to service their bikes while they work. 

  • Includes basic cleaning and adjustments for up to 16 staff members and a free estimate
  •  Go the extra mile and cover the costs of parts for your staff too! parts can be Invoiced to the office or billed individually
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • We guarantee to never leave you without your bike.
  • We take care of scheduling and coordinating a visit via email so it doesn't take your staff time.
  • All that's need from you is a forwarded email and a site to do the work. 

Sign up and we'll be in touch to work out a good time to come! We typically send a sign up email 1 week before our arrival. 

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Aaron, staying busy at Cadmus Group

Aaron, staying busy at Cadmus Group