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Mobile bike repair

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We are a mobile bike shop where you need it, when you need it.

Because we understand that you depend on your bike for your daily life and leaving your bike to get serviced is a hassle.  

We set up shop, so that you can get your bike serviced while you work. We are happy to come to wherever it is most convenient for you!

Skip the trip to the shop and bring us to you!




One of my great loves is sharing my passion for bicycles and their many benefits with others. I love the visceral connection riding a bike gives me to my surroundings and the city I live. The smell of roasting coffee, the wind in my face, the sound of my tires rolling over cobbles, not to mention the many health benefits.  There truly is a spontaneity, joy and freedom unequal to any other way I have found of getting from hear to there.

I began working on bicycles in my father's small shop as a kid, in Southern Oregon, and got my first job at a larger bicycle shop when I was 15. Since then, I have lived and breathed bicycles, gaining thousands of hours of wrenching experience at bike shops in Eugene and Portland as well as guiding and designing bicycle vacations in many far off places.

I've worked on every kind of bike imaginable from old-school around-town clunkers, mountain bikes to high end carbon race machines. During 2012, I decided it was time to turn my dream of working for myself into a reality and started Left Coast Bicycles with the aim of being the most convenient, friendly service available in Portland. What an honor it is to live and work in this beautiful city living my dream and connecting with the wonderful community here.

- Aaron (owner)

I’m originally from Idaho, and now I live in beautiful Portland Oregon. Before moving to Oregon, I daydreamed of living in an area where cyclists have equal priority on the road. After reading about the amazing bicycle infrastructure in both Eugene and Portland coupled with my desire to be a dedicated bicycle commuter, I made the move to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon and then to Portland a few years later.

I now enjoy riding my bicycle along the bicycle boulevards, protected bicycle lanes and designated paths found throughout Portland. I also enjoy mountain biking; road riding and I love touring. I’ve ridden most of the cross-country trails between Portland and Eugene and toured along the Oregon Coast as well as the many different routes through the coast range.

 I’ve been a professional bicycle mechanic for over 10 years. During that time, I have worked on bikes ranging from $50 commuter bikes to $10,000 race machines, as well as managed a locally owned and operated bike shop in New York State.

I love bicycles of all shapes and sizes and I really love it when they are running smoothly. 


-Cheyenne (Manager)

The bike bug bit me when I was a teenager in Grants Pass, Oregon, mountain biking on the slippery granite soil of Dollar Mountain and the Cathedral Hills trails. Since then, I've been lucky to work in the bike industry in a variety of locations and roles, from running a community shop in Eugene to working on high-end mountain bikes in Utah, to designing and fabricating cargo bikes. I've had the chance to work on bikes of all kinds, ages, and price tags, and love the problem-solving challenge of repair work. I love bicycles for their practicality, their simplicity, and their environmental friendliness, but most of all, just for the joy of riding. 

- Joel (Cargo bike disaster relief specialist, Pro Mechanic)


 Love your bike, without the hassle!