Left Coast Bicycles, Portland's mobile bike repair

Mobile bike repair

Portland, OR, 97212


We are a mobile bike shop where you need it, when you need it.

Because we understand that you depend on your bike for your daily life and leaving your bike to get serviced is a hassle.  

We set up shop, so that you can get your bike serviced while you work. We are happy to come to wherever it is most convenient for you!

Skip the trip to the shop and bring us to you!




we promote the biking lifestyle by providing high quality bicycle service at workplaces, homes  and events

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When you rely on your bike for day to day transport, leaving it at the shop is a pain.

That's why We help busy people ride their bike to work and back and avoid the hassle of dropping it off at the shop. 

Vetted,  Highly Qualified, and Personable Mechanics

Our mechanics are the best in the region, vetted by our rigorous training and testing process. Our mechanics must have a minimum of 5 years experience wrenching on a variety of bikes.  We offer friendly, honest service, don't use pressure sales  and perform the work after your approval. 

absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your service, we will return and make it right free of charge. 

Free Estimates

All estimate are free and we source all parts needed while you work! No need to visit a shop. 


We are all about saving you time. Simply select a time that works and during a 5 minute break, we'll let you know what your bike needs and get you on your way, by the end of the day.  

Guaranteed to have a ride home

We guarantee to never leave you without transportation to get home. If in the unlikely event your bike is not completed in time for your commute home, we'll personally arrange and cover a lift home.

Streamlined for the Entire office

We take care of the scheduling and coordinating a visit via email, so everyone in the office can benefit and doesn't take you or your employees valuable time to coordinate a visit.


Locally owned

We're locally owned and operated.